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The aggressiveness and directivity phenomenums of loudspeakers are closely related, and are direct consequences of their design and manufacture as we know them today … and for a long time now.


The frequency response curves of each speaker can be very different (to meet the needs of many musicians and styles of music), but their identical main architecture involves a general trend regarding their spatial projection:


The higher the frequency, the higher the maximum level in front of the loudspeaker. This level collapses as soon as you take the angle to the center of the speaker. In fact, the low frequencies will tend to be heard in a very wide environment compared to the speaker, while the treble (aggressive in front of the speaker) will be a distant memory away from this one . This finding is simple to reproduce and to hear, and has been widely studied and documented by numerous studies.


ZoLar cabinets provide a very uniform frequency response at an angle of 180 ∞ horizontally and 70 ∞ vertically, while eliminating the aggressiveness of the speaker axis.


To illustrate this, here is an example of the spatial projection of a loudspeaker according to the frequency returned.


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